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Kodama Dormitory 

The Dormitory Operation Policy and Staff Members

Dormitory Steering Committee Chart

The dormitory operation policy and staff members 

Dormitory Operation Policy

Aim of our Boarding Education

Through warm interactions with members of the school community enabled by life under the same roof, and through contact with students in different grades, students develop cooperativeness, independence, judgment, and patience in our rich natural environment. By maximizing the positive aspects of communal life, we are able to cultivate individuals who live well, with richness of mind. In our students, intelligence, virtue and health are harmonized.

Qualities Acquired through Life in the Dormitory
  1. Self-management skills, which are required in communal life.
  2. Initiative, independence, cooperativeness, and patience.
  3. Planning, execution, and leadership abilities, since self-directed activity is encouraged.
Central Considerations for our Boarding Education Program

We strive to:
  1. Establish and maintain a pupil guidance system capable of addressing students' worries or emotional malaise at school.
  2. Develop and strengthen talents and abilities which students have not been able to show at school.
  3. Establish safety education programs for health and hygiene, disaster prevention, and traffic safety.
  4. Conduct pupil guidance in partnership with families and the local community, by creating many opportunities for home visits, parent meetings, and social events with local people.
  5. Produce comfortable living conditions and maintain clean and safe facilities and equipment.

Dormitory Staff Members


Six teachers are housemasters, and one is the Chief Housemaster.

  1. Operational Responsibilities
    • Planning and leading dormitory educational programs
    • Managing facilities and equipment
    • Planning and leading disaster prevention and safety classes
    • Planning and supervising events
    • Coordinating with teachers and all divisions at school
    • Coaching leaders of student committees
    • Directing and executing improvements to the dormitory, as well as other maintenance
    • Various other duties
  2. Student Guidance
    • Teach discipline and etiquette
    • Provide student guidance and safety guidance
    • Supervise and regulate attendance, outings, sleepovers, homecoming visits and visitors
    • Conduct private interviews with students to offer guidance and counseling
    • Various other duties
  3. Educational Guidance
    • Educational guidance
    • Supplemental lessons
    • Various other duties
  4. Public Relations
    • Coordination with local/public organizations and groups
    • Coordination with guardians
    • Reception of officials and other visitors
    • Public relations
    • Various other duties

Sub-housemasters are school teachers on housemaster duty.

Three teachers are on duty for each period of day- and night-duty. Sub-housemasters keep in close touch with the on-duty housemaster to carry out duties such as providing lifestyle guidance and educational guidance for students.

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