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Address by the Principal

Address by the Principal 

Gokase Secondary School

Principal Hiroshi Kawagoe

Gokase to the World; From Local to Global

This school was established in 1994 as the first public secondary school in Japan to combine upper and lower secondary education in one institution; this year is 24th anniversary of its establishment.

For the last twenty four years, we have produced unique individuals characterized by creative ways of thinking and the capacity to meet the challenges posed by the 21st century. At this school, the natural and human resources of our mountain surroundings are fully utilized, providing inspirational educational experiences. From its establishment to the present day, our school has been a leader both within and beyond our prefecture, and has served as a model of the possibilities for education in Japan.

Since 2014, our school has conducted education as a Super Global High School. The Super Global High School program is a national project intended to train young people to become global leaders who can succeed internationally. The program also aims to develop promising talents who will become representatives of Japan on the world stage. This selection proves that the various educational activities we conduct at our school are appreciated by the government, and we have been honored by the high expectations for our programs.

With regard to some of the educational activities, our students set their own research questions and conduct their research in the following four categories: 1) environment, 2) economic disparity, 3) energy and 4) aging society in Forestopia Research Project. These studies are based on what our school had practiced in Integrated Study Time since 1994 and we have developed the curriculum focusing on Glocalization ever since we started SGH curriculum. In students' studies, they get lectures and support from universities and companies, which have concluded the partnership agreement, and our students also get opportunities to participate in field trip to foreign countries. Last year, they went to Mongolia, Indonesia and Finland. We concluded sister school agreement with the Finnish School, Oulun Lyseo Lukio (Oulu Lyseo Upper Secondary School).

Our school is a boarding school. Dormitory life requires that students keep regular hours, eat balanced meals, interact frequently with students of different ages and grades, and live communally. All of these practices help students to acquire the qualities of autonomy, independence and cooperativeness, and allow rapid personal development.

The following is a phrase from the address given at the founding of our school:

"When you cultivate sensitivity; learn from heaven, earth and man; and learn heaven, earth and man, you will find something dazzling both inside and outside of yourself."

Why don't you join us and develop yourself through friendly competition? You will find something dazzling.

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