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Address by the Chairperson of the Student Council

Address by the chairperson of the Student Council 

This year, Manabi no Mori marked its 20th anniversary. A large number of people who graduated from Gokase Secondary School came to the ceremony for the 20th anniversary, and we had a large celebration. Thanks to the support of our parents and the people of Gokase, Manabi no Mori was able to reach its 20th anniversary. We will repay the favor to the people of Gokase.

We have been doing an activity called gmoriagetaih in recent years. It is an activity in which we do volunteer work in Gokase on holidays. We decided to do it because we wanted to liven up Gokase Town. We have been doing various things in town – for example, helping at festivals in Gokase, cleaning Gokase Town, and interacting with people in Gokase. There are few schools which do activities such as this in Miyazaki Prefecture. So, I want to increase the number of schools which work to revitalize their communities and strengthen the relationships they have with their communities. Gokase Town is what is called an gunderpopulated area,h but it has a lot of good points. I actually know the good points because I have lived in Gokase for five years. All the students of Gokase Secondary School understand why Manabi no Mori was established in Gokase Town, and make efforts to improve both Manabi no Mori and Gokase Town.

Manabi no Mori was designated a Super Global High School this year. It is now a job of the Student Council to improve the communicative competence of all students, in order for us to do well in the world. Therefore, we want to do things to improve our communication skills – for example, interacting with people in Gokase through gmoriagetai,h talking with college students, and cooperating with other schools in Miyazaki Prefecture.

When we graduate and become full members of society, we all hope to be told, gYou are indeed a student of Manabi no Mori.h This depends, in part, on the work of the Student Council.

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