The school badge was designed by a student in 1948 when the school was restructured as Miyazaki Prefectural Miyazaki Omiya High School. It consists of bamboo leaves, a hexagon shaped snow crystal with the character 髙, meaning "high school," and lights. The image of bamboo symbolizes the growth of young students and was inspired by local poet Bokusui Wakayama. The snow crystal represents hard work, which comes from a Chinese legend. The lights are a symbol of the shining liberal spirit of our school.


1. Develop self-independence and autonomy.
2. Aspire to growth and maturity.
3. Be sincere and steady.


1888 (M22) Founded in Miyazaki as Jinjo Junior High School.
1895 (M29) Founded in Miyazaki as Girls' Senior High School.
1948 (S23) Reorganized as Miyazaki Prefectural Miyazaki Omiya High School.
      General, Commercial and Homemaking Courses established the
    comprehensive school curriculum.
Night School and Correspondence Course also established.
1950 (S25) School song established.
1956 (S31) The first new school building constructed.
1962 (S37) Supplementary Course established.
1963 (S38) The second school building constructed.
1967 (S39) School office and swimming pool constructed.
1968 (S43) The third school building constructed.
80th anniversary celebrated.
1969 (S44) School library constructed.
1978 (S53) 90th anniversary celebrated.
1983 (S58) Gengetsu(Graduates Association) Garden constructed.
1988 (S63) 100th anniversary celebrated.
1989 (H 1) Bunkajoho-Ka(Communicative Humanities Course) established.
1994 (H 6) Homemaking Course discontinued.
1998 (H10) 110th anniversary celebrated.
2008 (H20) 120th anniversary celebrated.
 2010(H22) The first building barrier-free. 
  Multipurpose toilet established. 
  Classroom wireless LAN maintenance. 
 2015 (H27) Designated as a Super Global High School (SGH) .